ADK Civil provides the astute developer or local council chamber quality and safety workmanship to construct long lasting, effective underground reticulation networks. With over 80 years experience in underground civil construction ADK’s trusted team offer exceptional skills to meet all your needs.

New Subdivision & Established Urban Environment Installation Specialist:

  • Trenching

  • Water

    • uPVC, DICL, MSCL pipe lines

    • Hydrants, Valves, T Joints,

    • Pump Stations

    • Anchor Blocks, Thrust Blocks & End Caps

    • Pressure Testing

  • Electrical

    • Conduits, Streetlight Foundations, Pillar Boxes

    • Cable hauling

    • Electrical Joints, Terminations, Pad Mount Substations

    • Excavate and Construct Electrical Joint Bays

    • Streetlight Installations

  • Communications

  • Sub soils

  • Underground and overhead fibre optics

ADK’s equipment

  • Skidsteer loaders

  • Excavators

  • Tipper truck with 8.38 ton capacity with a crane attachment

  • Vermeer D 36 x 50 horizontal directional drill

  • Vermeer D 16 x 20 horizontal directional drill

  • 2000L & 8000L Hydrovac Units

So next time you require any civil works contact ADK we will give you peace of mind.


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