Underground Electrics

ADK is approved by Ergon Energy to install, joint, test and commission underground electric cables. ADK has entered the market with a B rating for construction and project management, with the goal to obtain an A rating through consistent first class work performance.

Responsibilities of the occupation:

  • Attend pre-start meetings

  • Collect and coordinate materials

  • Haul underground electric cables

  • Joint and terminate low voltage connections

  • Complete pillar box assemblies

  • Prepare padmount substations for high voltage connections

  • Stand, cable and join streetlights

  • Earth the network

  • Test & commission the electrical network

  • Complete as-constructed diagrams

  • Sign off all works

  • Assist with external audits

Ergon Energy Preferred Contractor List

ADK is listed on a number of Ergon energy panels helping extend their network for the growing population of Qld. A highly skilled team of management and civil crews ensure all electrical networks constructed outside of new subdivisions satisfy local and state authoritiesí specifications. Special consideration is given to the safety of the community with strategic planning implemented to minimize the disruption to the routine behaviour of the general publicís daily life.

ADK has been required to operate inside working substations, adjacent to operational high voltage and low voltage networks, in and around pad mounted substations and throughout existing urban residential developments.

New Subdivisions

ADK has superior experience of trenching and installing electrical ducts for new subdivisions. We believe in helping the developer produce the best product and understand their need to generate quality residential environments efficiently.

Hydro-Vac Locations

ADK is capable of excavating all underground electrical networks through the non-destructive method of hydro-vac excavations.








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