Hydrovac Excavation - What the suck is it?

Hydrovac excavation is a combination of high pressure water jets and a powerful vacuum system to remove soil. The Hydrovac unit is ideal to locate underground infrastructures eliminating the risk of damage to the services from excavator buckets, shovels or crowbars. With growing emphasis on preventing damage to buried utilities vacuum excavation is quickly becoming a standard procedure.

ADK Provides

One of North Queensland biggest hydro vac trucks boasting an 8000-litre tank, no job is too big or too small! The 8000L Hydrovac unit operates up to 8 hours a day without being emptied, saving the customer time and money. A 2000-litre Hydrovac unit is also available for those smaller jobs.

Hydrovac Applications

  • Potholing or trenching to locate existing under ground services
  • Cleaning non-hazardous sediment traps, gross pollutant traps or storm water culverts
  • Under boring of foot paths for storm water access
  • Pole foundation excavations for street lights or power poles
  • Cleaning blocked conduits

Donít take the risk of breaking live services,
contact ADK to expose your services before you dig!


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